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Prom Kings Trailer

Prom Kings Trailer

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Life changing opportunities are as rare for average guys as sleeping with a “Victoria’s Secret” model covered in baby oil. However, if the stars are aligned properly, the gods are smiling, and you have that 4 hour hard-on you hear about in Viagra™ commercials, anything is possible. What do you do when these opportunities come your way? Enter Dennis Hadley, Tripp Wall, and Jose Morales. Three 30 year olds who literally have the “do over” of a lifetime. One fateful evening they come across a douche bag acquaintance in the form of Vince Stanberry, a billionaire who not only got rich because he stole Dennis’s website idea while Dennis was interning for him, he also mocks the guys for not ever going to their high school proms. So what do you get when you combine three lovable losers, an arrogant billionaire, and a lot of booze? A million dollar bet that can change their lives. The catch? They all have to go to the same prom in less than 3 months or work for the Vince. So how do three thirty year olds accomplish this seemingly impossible task? Trial and error and error and more error. Follow our heroes as they seek guidance for their quest from some unsavory characters, disturbed family members, and most importantly each other. Watch Dennis as he tries to recover from a lifetime of failure and trying to impress his 19 year old girlfriend who’s still in high school. Living with swinger grandparents and having an unhealthy obsession with Charlie Scheen does not make Dennis’ life any easier. Laugh out loud at Tripp Wall a man with four testicles whose teenage daughter is smarter than him. Try to understand Jose Morales ….. seriously, when he speaks just try to understand him. This story is about friendship, redemption, family and a little bit of love. 

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