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G. Randyl Johnson and AJ Ryder met on the set of Last Chance and formed Pax Aurora, LLC. and Big Stick Comics. Samurai Cowboy was created from G. Randyl Johnson's screen play, in which the the team decided to create a comic book. The 1st issued was released in September 2018 followed by the 2nd issue in October 2018. Samurai Cowboy is about Jaxson and William, two young boys, runaway after a horrible incident and find themselves living in a camp run by Samurais and Shaman. Jaxson trains with the samurai perfecting slowing down time with his mind. William, already with the ability to see the dead and help them cross over with a single touch, learns to borrow the souls of the living. Reunited ten years later, they form a team to fight evil, corruption and even some zombies...
The comic books are available to purchase at and on
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